Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play Super Bowl Squares for Super Bowl 2022

Looking to play Super Bowl squares but don't know how? Maybe you just need a printable Super Bowl squares sheet? Luckily for you, we've got you covered with both. Find out how to play Super Bowl squares here
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Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play Super Bowl Squares for Super Bowl 2022

If you're looking to play Super Bowl squares at your Super Bowl 2022 party but you aren't quite sure of the rules, don't worry. We've got you covered.

Super Bowl squares are one of the best Super Bowl party games. Not only does it provide endless entertainment throughout the game, but it also requires absolutely no skill to win. So, hardcore and casual fans alike can participate in Super Bowl squares and have the same chance at winning.

So, without any more wait, let's take a look at how to play Super Bowl squares.

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How to Play Super Bowl Squares

Like I said, Super Bowl squares are all luck. So it's really easy for anyone to play and win at your Super Bowl 2022 party.

If you're going to make your own Super Bowl squares board, you'll need some things. A piece of paper or poster board, a ruler, markers and anything else required to make a 100-square grid. But, if you don't feel like making your own Super Bowl squares board, you can also just print out the OddsChecker Super Bowl squares board from the link below!

Free Printable Super Bowl Squares grid

Click here to download the OddsChecker Super Bowl squares template seen below

Super Bowl Squares Betting Game: How to Play Super Bowl Squares

The playing surface for Super Bowl Squares, or grid, consists of 100 squares. These are created by 10 columns (vertical) and 10 rows (horizontal). That means there are 100 squares that need to be filled out.

One of the two participating Super Bowl teams, this year the Bengals and Rams, is assigned the columns while the other team is assigned the rows. Remember, it does not matter which team is columns and which is rows.

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Each Super Bowl square is assigned the same price. Participants decide how many squares they want to purchase and write their name in that many squares on the board, signalling that they have purchased those. Each square costs 1/100th of your desired total pot. So, if you want the pot to be $500, each square will cost $5 to purchase. But, you can also do $1 a square. It's totally up to you. Every square a participant purchases then ups their odds of winning

Once every square on the board has been sold to people at the party and marked with either initials or names, numbers 0-9 are assigned to each column and row. This is done by random. Usually, this involves picking numbers 0-9 out of a hat, but a random number generator spanning that same number range also works.

Prior to any squares begin purchased, the Super Bowl squares grid should be blank, like the example above. At kickoff, all 100 squares should have a name/initial in them and the rows/columns should be assigned a number.

How do you win Super Bowl Squares?

How do you win Super Bowl squares? The short answer is by getting lucky.

Once the board is set up and filled out, all you need to do is watch the game and pay the winners.

There is a winner at the end of every single quarter. you win by owning the Super Bowl square that intersects at the final digit of each team’s score when the quarter concludes. So, say the first quarter ends with a score of Rams 10, Bengals 3. Then, the person who owns the Rams 0 - Bengals 3 square would win.

Now, how each quarter pays out is up to you. Traditionally in Super Bowl squares, the first and third quarters pay out the same, halftime pays out a little more and the final score is the grand prize. If we use our $500 example from before, the first and third quarter could pay $100, halftime could pay $125 and the final score could payout $175.

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